Recreation Classes

Term Dates 2022

Term 1 - 31st January - 14th April 

Term 2 - 2nd May - 8th July

Term 3 - 25th July - 30th September

Term 4 - 17th October - 23rd December


To Register for classes, please click on 'Register as Member' above and follow the instructions.  Please enter your gymnast first (Athlete), then the parent/guardian information.  If your child is placed on a waitlist, there will be an orange 'waitlist' beside the class chosen.  We will be in contact with you once a space becomes available.

For more information on the programmes/classes we offer please refer to Classes and Programme Pathway.  


These are available, subject to availability.  Your child will join in the class and then decide if they would like to enrol for the term.

The cost is $15.00 and can only be done once.  If you enrol your child this $15 comes off the term fees. 

You will still need to register your child as above.  Once you have done this you can send us a message letting us know that your child is coming for a 'Have a Go' session.


Please click on the image to the right to see the main learing points for our different classes.

If you are interested in one of the 'Ínvitational' classes please get in touch with us on 09 238-8290 or email -

Franklin Gymsports Programme Pathway

Our programme pathway is an easy way for parents to be able to see the structure of how our classes progress, and know what level your gymnast is at.

By clicking on the image to the right you will see the full information. 

Starting with Baby & Playgym, you will then move into our recreational classes from Kiwi gym to Twisters.

Please note that all classes with a star mean they are invitational classes only. These classes will be used as 'extension' classes. Where children are learning harder skills and finding their potential.

You may ask for your child to trial for these classes, or Georgia will approach you if we would like your child to move into one of the classes.


All of our WAG/MAG Recreational classes do badge testing. This is something for the gymnasts to work towards. Testing will be held in both Term 2 and Term 4. You can view what each level must perform to pass. Once a gymnast has completed a level they will recieve a corrisponding badge.

Competitive Gymnastics

If you are interested in finding out about our Competitive gymnastics please contact us via the email below:

Competitive WAG/MAG -